Interested in volunteering with Universities Without Borders?

At Universities Without Borders, we are very proud of the commitment of our international group of highly skilled volunteers who work day and night to make our mission a reality. Without them, we would not be in the position we are in today.

By joining Universities Without Borders, you will be contributing directly to the growth and expansion of our non-profit organisation. You will have the opportunity to work in a team of highly dedicated, international, and knowledgeable volunteers. 


More importantly, you will be playing a key role in expanding higher education access to students who remain structurally unable to enter university education. In other words, you will play a part in democratising university irrespective of factors including socioeconomic status, country of origin and gender.

Available Opportunities

We are currently recruiting remote volunteers to join Universities Without Borders.


We are seeking undergraduates and graduates who can independently produce a short university-level course in their chosen subject. These short courses will then be published on our website and will be available for disadvantaged students to download and study from.

In terms of the types of education courses we are interested in publishing, we aim to release courses that fit in three broad categories: STEM Courses; Arts and Humanities Courses; and Vocational (Careers) Courses.

We give our volunteers free reign when designing their education course, and individual volunteers can decide what topics to include or exclude from their course.


However, we do insist that the content is similar in difficulty to that which is taught at university/undergraduate level. As such, we require all applicants to have studied their chosen course subject at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Apply to join Universities Without Borders


Thank you for your application to Universities Without Borders. We will review your responses and contact you if you are successful.